Improve patient experience and enhance adherence

Opadry® EZ, Easy Swallow Film Coating System, provides high slip finish, leading to improved patient experience, as tablets won't stick in the mouth or get lodged in the esophagus. And, the superior gloss finish that coating with Opadry EZ Clear provides also enhances the appearance of any tablet.

Understanding the Dynamics of Slip

To demonstrate the superior mobility imparted by Opadry EZ film coating, a novel in-house method was developed to model dynamic friction. This model was used to determine wet slip behavior; the coated tablets were pulled across a water saturated surface, using a weighted sled, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Equipment Used to Model Dynamic Friction
A diagram showing the equipment used to model frction, a weighted sled over a water saturated substrate with tablets in between

Compared with PVA and HPMC-based coatings, the dynamic friction results obtained with Opadry EZ clearly demonstrate lower friction and therefore increased slip (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Dynamic Friction Comparison @ 3% Coating Weight Gain
A graph showing difference between friction with Opadry EZ the closest to the ideal friction limit by far.

To gain further insight, access a poster recently presented by Colorcon at 2017 AAPS Annual Meeting.

Application of Slippery Film Coating for Easy Swallowing of Solid Dosage Forms

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