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Edition 1, 2022

OptiClenz™, High Performance Cleaning

Recognizing the cleaning challenge many companies face with their coating equipment and the need to have fast reliable turnaround times, Colorcon has launched  OptiClenz™, High Performance Cleaning.

This platform combines the trusted performance of Dober's Chematic® detergents with Colorcon’s industry expertise and practical application ability. Correct post process cleaning ensures that quality issues such as contamination or scuffing of the tablet surface for subsequent batches are eliminated. The process can be specified to meet individual products, equipment, and regulatory requirements - resulting in consistent, effective cleaning and reliable validation.

The process can be specified to meet individual products, equipment, and regulatory requirements - resulting in consistent, effective cleaning and reliable validation.

Chematic® detergents are specially formulated water-based cleaning solutions which improve operator safety and help protect the environment, aligning with Colorcon’s corporate values and commitment to reduce waste and protect the environment


Chematic® is a trademark of Dober.




Consumers continue to call for products with ingredient lists that are easy to understand and only have materials they view as of “natural” origin.

Mineral-Free Coating Formulations


Manufacturers are looking to satisfy these consumer needs with sustainable ingredients that can achieve label friendly status while not compromising on product quality, manufacturing efficiency, or cost-in-use. 

In 2018 Colorcon launched Nutrafinish®, Titanium Dioxide Free Film Coatings – made specifically for nutritional and dietary supplement products regulated as foods. Elimination of TiO2 provides manufacturers with an alternative coating finish that satisfies aesthetic appeal while addressing current market concerns. 

The latest addition to Colorcon’s coating portfolio is formulated without the use of TiO2 as well as eliminating talc and calcium carbonate, while still delivering a high level of opacity to cover unsightly or dark tablet cores. Getting the right balance of components for this type of coatings is challenging without the use of opacity and whitening ingredients like TiO2 and calcium carbonate. Through Colorcon’s in-depth knowledge of materials and coating technology, these new formulations provide simple preparation and use, with the label friendly claims the industry and consumers are demanding, along with a perfectly finished tablet.


LinkedIn Live


In February, Colorcon kicked off the first ever LinkedIn Live event with Charlie Cunningham, demonstrating the fundamentals of film coating using our Opadry® QX, Quick and FleXible Film Coating system.


The coating was dispensed in just 25 minutes, then tablets coated in our 48” production scale batch coater. With low viscosity and high solids levels Opadry QX allows for faster application across a range of equipment, resulting in greater productivity for each coating run. Without compromising the tablet finish, Opadry QX offers unparalleled productivity across process and equipment variability, successfully outperforming other coating systems.


Colorcon Ventures Investments
(VeriSIM and Apprentice)

Colorcon Ventures invests in and supports entrepreneurs developing transformational pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry solutions.


Did you know, Colorcon now has a portfolio of five investments? Our most recent acquisitions were VeriSIM Life, an AI driven, bio-simulation platform that reduces animal testing and more accurately predicts the efficacy of drug candidates, reducing development costs and timelines. And Apprentice, an intelligent pharmaceutical manufacturing system provider, also leveraging AI and AR to get medications to patients faster.  



Ensure the Perfect Finish

Colorcon’s experienced technical service team help customers to increase process efficiency and improve product quality by identifying potential coating issues early in development.

Our online troubleshooting guide is one of the useful tools developed to identify and resolve the issues that may be caused by substrate, coating formulation and/or the process and equipment.

The Troubleshooting Guide provides insight to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Visit our website to find solutions to commonly seen process issues that can result in tablet breakage, logo bridging, edge erosion and coating issues. 

Ensure a superior tablet finish appealing to consumers while providing efficient and reproducible manufacturing performance.


Simple Coating Preparation

Watch the new dispersion video

Check out how easy it is to ensure correct mixing for Opadry® and Nutrafinish® Complete Film Coating systems. Discover the importance of the vessel and type of propeller for complete polymer hydration and successful dispersion preparation.


Film Coating for Health and Wellness

Why is film coating important?

It’s a key part of the production of solid oral dosage forms (pills/tablets), delivering a better consumer experience while adding value to the medicine by promoting swallowability, differentiation, and branding. 

Through the application of film coating, Colorcon improves health and wellness through convenience and compliance,  by the application of a thin, even, and continuous film around the surface of a tablet or pill, creating an elegant finish and allowing for branding and trademarking.