The Solid Dose

Edition 4, 2021


Simon Tasker, CEO

As I look back on my first year as CEO of Colorcon, I am proud of the incredible way the organization has continued to meet the challenges of keeping our people safe, continuing operations and maintaining the exceptional service to our customers across the world. As an organization we’ve proven to be robust, agile and creative in the face of change. 

Colorcon continues to have a very strong market demand, with many of our products used to manufacture life-sustaining medicines. Our customers recognize the exceptional service and support we continue to provide, helping us to attain our vision of being The Most Trusted Partner Across the Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Value Chain.

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Colorcon's Culture of Innovation

Colorcon has a long-standing commitment to improving health and wellness. As a world leader in the design and development of specialty excipients for solid oral dosages for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries, we’ve harnessed our agility and creativity to innovate and meet our customers’ needs.

Through Our Values, we leverage the energy of the Colorcon community to direct our Customer Focus to increase speed to market, lower total cost and make a positive contribution to quality.

To Keep Getting Better, we are harnessing innovation to identify and develop solutions no matter how small or complex it is. We innovate to do our jobs better, serve our customers efficiently and find solutions for unmet needs of our customers.

In support of this, Dr Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi was recently appointed to Chief Innovation Officer to lead the expansion of our “Culture of Innovation.”  

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Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary

On November 8, 2021, Colorcon celebrated its 60th Anniversary.

Our success would not be possible without our community, innovative spirit, and respect for the environment in which we live and operate. 

Simon Tasker – CEO, said, "Colorcon is extremely proud to be marking this significant milestone celebrating our heritage and commitment to health and wellness. To all our employees, customers, stakeholders and friends – I thank you for your continued commitment to Colorcon. Giving the best products and services is what motivates us to continuously improve and excel."

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Top Tips for Perfecting Film Coating

Getting the perfect tablet finish has several interdependencies, including the tablet core substrate, coating formulation and process. Making the right decisions about these factors early in the development cycle helps to reduce the risk of future scale-up problems, product registration delays and downstream manufacturing issues. Colorcon’s experienced technical service team helps customers to problem solve from product concept design through to final production in a reduced time. Our online Troubleshooting Guide is just one of the useful tools developed to help our customers identify, understand and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Visit our website to find top tips and solutions to commonly seen process issues that can result in tablet breakage, logo bridging and edge erosion. 

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Turning Challenge into Opportunity
Let Colorcon help you overcome the challenge of removing TiO2 from over-the-counter (OTC) products. Driven by regulatory changes this seems like a daunting task, but for many OTC brands this is an ideal time to enhance an existing product – gaining from the latest innovations in TiO2 free film coating to result in a better consumer experience.

With alternative film coatings Colorcon can improve product stability and manufacturing efficiency while offering a broad portfolio of products readily available to enhance the consumer experience.

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Published Posters
AAPS 2021

Scientific posters are an essential part of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists PharmSci 360 annual event and present a great opportunity to share research and contribute to the body of pharmaceutical science.  

Colorcon scientists regularly participate in this dynamic environment to contribute to the knowledge exchange and are pleased to have made significant poster contributions again in 2021.

You can access all nine of our AAPS 2021 posters now.

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