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Insights on Moisture Management

Did you miss our recent webinar on Excipient Science in Protecting Moisture-Sensitive Drugs presented by Dr. Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Colorcon?

You can still access the on-demand webinar or download a whitepaper to find out why you shouldn’t just rely on packaging to protect drug products from moisture.  Discover how to develop more stable formulations by selecting the right excipients for use with moisture-sensitive drugs, and in doing so, reduce the risk of degradants and impurities. 

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"Shining Excipient Star"

Colorcon’s new excipient StarTab®, directly compressible starch has scooped 3rd place in the Medicine Maker 2020 Innovation Awards.  Described as the  “Shining Excipient Star”, StarTab is designed specifically for direct compression and offers benefits in simplifying both formulation and processing. StarTab is a single excipient which, due to its particle shape and size, is directly compressible and provides improved flow during manufacture. It can also avoid the use of superdisintegrants, be used at both small scale and large scale, as well as with the latest technology such as continuous processing. This innovative excipient offers formulators speed and simplicity during development and for manufacturers significant process flexibility. Read more

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On-Dose Authentication Technology Platform

Counterfeit drugs are a major problem for the pharmaceutical industry, both in terms of financial impact and patient safety impact. Current traceability and security measures focused at the packaging level are not enough to deter fraud. The digitalization of medicines represents a major step forward in the fight against unauthorized and illegitimate pharmaceutical production and provides an opportunity to safeguard patients.  Colorcon is offering a unique and innovative solution to address the significant patient safety issues, and is the first company to incorporate microtags into solid dosage film coatings.

SoteriaRx™ on-dose authentication provides a powerful tool for tracking medicines from plant to patient and provides a level of supply chain authenticity and transparency not previously available. By incorporating microtags, the pill itself effectively becomes a barcode which can be digitally read and recorded, providing instant authentication.

Find out more about how SoteriaRx™ can help brand owners implement smarter medicines and mitigate the risks of drug counterfeiting and product diversion.

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Colorcon Opens New Technical Center in Australia

Colorcon’s continuous investment in customer support is unmatched in the industry; this additional facility brings the total number of Technical Service Laboratories around the world to twenty-two and is the seventh within Southeast Asia.

The new facility, located in Melbourne, Australia will provide increased formulation, film coating and soft gel development capabilities for our customers in the Pharmaceutical and Complementary Medicine markets.  Fully equipped for research scale solid dose development, the facility is located at the prestigious Caribbean Business Park, Scoresby.

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Colorcon Ventures

Ventures Invests in Industry Leading AI Provider Atomwise



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