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STARTAB, Directly Compressible Starch

Colorcon, Inc. Launches New Starch Based Tabletting Excipient Specifically for Direct Compression

On 14 May 2019, Colorcon Inc. announced an exciting new starch tableting excipient, STARTAB, Directly Compressible Starch. This is a breakthrough technology for the direct compression process, where StarTab’s unique particle size and shape provides excellent flow and superior compressibility on high-speed compression machines; enabling formulation scientists to simplify tablet formulation and manufacturing.

StarTab also plays an important role in enhancing the stability of moisture sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients. This latest launch demonstrates Colorcon’s continued leadership in bringing to market specialty excipients, as well as film coating systems, with improved convenience marked by speed and efficiency, cost savings and dependable performance.

Think Direct Compression,
Think StarTab

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Introducing Aquacoat®

Colorcon, Inc. expands functional film coatings through the Controlled Release Alliance with DowDuPont

DuPont Nutrition & Health, a business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, has agreed to enhance the current portfolio of CR Alliance products distributed by Colorcon. The Alliance, which currently provides controlled release technologies and speciality excipients from DowDuPont will be extended to include the Aquacoat® range of modified release coating products for pharmaceutical and nutritional applications.

The Aquacoat® product line consists of Aquacoat® ECD for sustained release and Aquacoat® CPD for enteric coating applications. These aqueous functional coatings are designed for use in both pharmaceutical and nutritional solid dose applications and complement Colorcon’s existing range of modified release coatings. They provide modified release drug profiles with the added benefit of global regulatory acceptance.

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Whitepaper: Streamlined Manufacture of Modified Release Matrix Tablets via Direct Compression

Manufacture of modified release matrix tablets using wet granulation is a complex and costly process, with multiple steps often leading to production challenges and batch-to-batch variability. Directly compressible hypromellose (HPMC), provides a unique solution for dry powder processing. Direct compression delivers up to 60% savings in process time and cost compared to wet granulation and achieves comparable or better performance in tablet properties and drug release for matrix formulations.

In this whitepaper, we describe how to get to market faster with METHOCEL™ DC2 directly compressible HPMC, which bypasses time-consuming and labor-intensive wet granulation, saves processing time and cost, and lowers regulatory hurdles due to reduced manufacturing steps and complexity.

Read the whitepaper to:

  • Understand the complexity and challenges of wet granulation process
  • Gain insight to the benefits of direct compression as the most streamlined process for tablet manufacturing
  • Discover how excipient innovation can streamline matrix tablet manufacturing

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Technical Resources Available!

Color Selector and Coating Calculator

The Colorcon Color Selector and Coating Calculator, proprietary online tools, are now available for use directly on our website!

The Colorcon Color Selector is designed to help you explore, compare and communicate color options, easing collaboration amongst your stakeholders. You can then Connect with Colorcon to get the right sample on its way to you. The selector examines the color options available using the PANTONE reference system and enables you to visualize using popular shape options. Go to Color Selector.

For further insight into branding and tablet design, explore what BEST has to offer. With customized tablet shape, logo and color options, you can be sure to add value to your brand.

For simple practical support, the Coating Calculator helps you assess the amount of film coating & ideal vessel for your coating dispersion, based on your batch size. By inputting batch size and coating suspension details, the tool will generate the recommended preparation guidelines such as reconstitution mix and vessel dimensions. First Time Right! Go to Coating Calculator.

Film Coating Plant in Brazil Delivering on Speed-to-Market

Early in 2017, Colorcon opened the doors of its new film coating manufacturing plant in Indaiatuba – São Paulo State, Brazil, supporting the continued growth of the pharmaceutical industry in South America. Strategically located, the site produces GMP film coating products for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets in South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Thanks to the investment and qualification work done in our Indaiatuba plant, we are able to provide our customers with batch flexibility, ranging from 5 Kgs to over 500 Kgs to cover their needs, whether for pilot or production batches.

The plant brings a significant improvement in lead-time and longer shelf-life for the Brazil market by removing the barriers associated with shipping and customs. Additionally, time from order to delivery for our customers across the entire region has also seen a significant decrease.

Colorcon Indaiatuba was the 2019 winner of the Sindusfarma Quality Award for the Raw Material Manufacturer category.

Safety by Design Webinar

Patient Adherence: A Hard Pill to Swallow?

The pill taking experience has a direct impact on patient acceptance and adherence to a prescription regimen; which in turn can impact the drug's overall effectiveness. Patients that report having difficulty swallowing tablets are far more likely to skip, discontinue, or delay a dose.

Every missed dose means non-compliance; non-repeated (non-refilled) prescriptions equate to lost revenue for pharmaceutical manufacturers and avoidable costs for healthcare systems.

In this webcast, we unmask influences that contribute to patient non-adherence and the factors that impact how people feel about the swallowability of tablets.

Through research, conducted and presented by The University of Birmingham in the UK, we share the overall impact on the patient perception of film coating combinations for tablets. Easier to swallow coated tablets improve consumer experience and contribute to patient adherence.

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