Colorcon Innovation Programs

The programs have a strong focus on applications and case studies relevant to current industry challenges.

Topics typically include insights into the latest in technology and applications to accelerate formulation development, address patient adherence and improve efficiency in manufacturing for oral solid dosage forms.

Topics typically include solubility enhancement, film coating, tablet core design/performance and modified release.  Seminar speakers are technical professionals, subject matter experts from Colorcon and industry thought leaders.  

Colorcon can also provide tailored on-site seminars at customer locations around the world.

Use the Apply Now link to register your interest in the next Colorcon Innovation Program. A local representative will respond to you with the agenda and costs (if applicable).

Dates City Language Status
October 22, 2019 Kiev, Ukraine Russian Open - apply now
October 29, 2019 Paris, France French Open - apply now
December 3, 2019 Milan, Italy Italian Open - apply now
There are no further scheduled courses for this year. View other educational offers.