Wet Granulation

Starch 1500® Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch is used as a binder and/or a disintegrant in wet granulated formulations. It is well suited for use in fluid bed granulation, in addition to low shear and high shear wet granulation. Starch 1500 can reduce process time and cost while preserving optimal properties in a well designed formulation. As a binder and disintegrant in wet granulation Starch 1500 offers process flexiblity due to the low solution viscosity, binding and disintegration properties.

Dry Addition

  • The cold water soluble fraction of Starch 1500 provides unique benefits for the granulation process. The main advantage is that it can be dry blended with other ingredients and granulation can be accomplished by the addition of water.
  • Simplifies the process by eliminating the need to prepare binder slurries.
  • Reduces the risk of over-granulation, while providing the formulation with an effective intragranular disintegrant.

Binder Slurry

  • A slurry of Starch 1500 in cold water provides effective binding properties at higher solids and lower viscosity than traditional starch pastes. Processing costs are reduced by eliminating the time and expense of preparing traditional binder solutions. In addition, granulations using Starch 1500 as a binder give excellent tablet hardness and fast disintegration.

Tablet Binder

METHOCEL™ Premium LV Cellulose Ethers may be employed as binders in the wet granulation of tablet products at a level of 3-5% of finished tablet weight.

  • Produces strong granules of uniform size.
  • METHOCEL E15LV produces stronger granules compared to those made with E5 LV.
  • Enables the reduction of compression force, an important factor in extending the life of tooling and equipment.

METHOCEL™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

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