Integrated Plenum Coating Pan

Integrated Plenum Coating Pan

Partially perforated pans with integrated exhaust plenums were introduced to circumvent patents on the fully perforated side-vented pan. This design ensures that all the inlet air entering the pan is used in drying the product bed.

Potential Issues of Use for Film Coating Applications

  • Less efficient airflow
  • Cleaning of the exhaust ducts, which form part of the pan wall, may be difficult

Equipment Examples Include:

  • Freund Hi-Coater (Vector, USA)
  • Driam Driacoater (Driam, USA)

A partially perforated design was introduced by Driam, called the Driacoater. In this version both the inlet and exhaust air are via the perforated panels. This enables a reverse airflow option to be selected which may be valuable when coating very small tablets or particulates.