Pan Coatings

Film coating equipment can have a significant impact on the quality of the coated product. Colorcon Area Technical Managers are trained on all types of film coating equipment to assist with process optimization and troubleshooting.

Film coating involves the interactions between:

  • The product being coated
  • The film coating formulation
  • Equipment installation
  • Processing parameters

When a film coating process is scaled-up, moved from the laboratory to production equipment, each of these factors must be evaluated.

All film coating processes require:

  • Even distribution of the coating material across the product bed
  • Good mixing of the product being coated
  • Drying
  • Exhaust system to remove solvent vapor and dust

Equipment installation differences can include:

  • Drying air volume
  • Air temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • System/operator controls

To support our customers, Colorcon operates a global network of Technical Service Laboratories with a range of film coating equipment.

Colorcon's training courses also include lectures and hands-on participation using laboratory or production-scale coating machinery.

More detailed information about commonly used film coating equipment is available through the following links;