Special Effects

Film coated tablets that have a quality surface finish and unique color can create a favorable impression and offer unique branding opportunities for pharmaceutical and nutritional/dietary supplement manufacturers. Special effects film coating systems from Colorcon are fully formulated systems which include candurin pearl effect pigments that have wide regulatory acceptability.

Special Effects Coating Systems

  • Come in a large variety of colors varying from light to very strong
  • Achieve light shimmering hues or bright opalescent luster even at low film coating application levels
  • Create an excellent tablet surface for printed or debossed logos

The candurin pearl effect pigments included in Colorcon's fully formulated, ready to use film coatings, consist of platelets of mica onto which layers of titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide are bound. The resulting platelet is able to refract light giving an interference color, although no color pigment is present. The shade of the intereference color can be controlled by the particle size and thickness of the particle.

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