High Productivity

Selecting the right film coating is essential to achieve the optimal adhesion values and tensile properties of the film with the equipment conditions that result in the best combination of product performance, appearance and process efficiency.

With the use of innovative coating technology, utilizing PVA and PVA-PEG graft co-polymer based formulations, cosmetic and functional films can be easily applied at elevated solids levels.  When compared to traditional formulations with lower solids level application, the advantages include:

  • Improving productivity and reducing energy and labor costs
  • Speedier application of the protective coatings onto the tablet reduces the chance for defects such as edge chipping and erosion
  • Lower amounts of water required in the process protects tablets containing moisture sensitive actives

Careful early stage attention to coating formulation and operating parameters for the application of a high solids film coating process will result in tablets that are realiably coated with highly reproducible results.

Product Literature