Tablet Binders and Disintegrants

Tablet binders are used in the formulation of solid oral dosage forms to hold the active pharmaceutical ingredient and inactive ingredients together in a cohesive mix. Binder products are usually differentiated based on the manufacturing process to be used.

  • Dry tablet binders used for direct compaction must exhibit cohesive and adhesive forces so that when compacted the particles agglomerate.
  • Binders used for wet granulation are hydrophilic and soluble in water and are usually dissolved in water to form a wet mass that is then granulated.

Disintegrants may be added to a drug formulation as functional fillers. These excipients assist in the disintegration of the capsule or tablet when it is introduced to moisture. The efficacy of a drug mixture can be dependent on the rate at which the tablet or capsule disintegrates in the patient’s gastrointestinal tract.

Starch 1500® Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch functions as binder for both direct compression and wet granulation.

  • As a dry binder, it compresses well, predominately deforming plastically.
  • Produces cohesive dry blends due to its granular morphology and superior adhesive characteristics.
  • As a result of its partial cold water solubility, it functions exceptionally well in wet granulation applications and performs dual functions of both a disintegrant and a binder.

In capsule filling processes, Starch 1500 and StarCap 1500® Co-Processed Starch Excipient function as effective binders improving the uniformity of the capsule fill as well as forming a stable capsule plug. They also promote formulation flexibility by complementing and enhancing the functionality of other excipients.

METHOCEL™ Premium Cellulose Ethers can be used as binders in the wet granulation of tablets to produce hard tablets with low friability and consistent disintegration rates. They are extremely versatile and can be used in both aqueous and solvent systems.

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