Expand Your Color Palette

Non-Synthetic Colorant Options

Consumer groups continue to desire more “natural” or “clean label” options in the dietary supplement market, which has led to activity to expand the available colorants suitable for use in North America and the European Union. Colorcon is at the forefront of this trend, working to gain regulatory approval for key ingredients, such as Spirulina Extract, to expand the palette of naturally derived pigments for use in both food and pharmaceutical applications.

'Natural' Colorants Bring a Wider Spectrum Including:

  • Blues, Greens & Purples – Spirulina Extract
  • Reds & Pinks – Radish Extract or Red Beet
  • Yellows & Gold – Riboflavin, Curcumin
  • Tans & Browns – Caramel (Type I)
  • Greens, Greys & Black – Copper Chlorophyllin & Carbon Black
  • Lavender – Anthocyanin Black Carrot

Incorporating pigments that are more “natural” requires specialized formulation and extensive stability programs to obtain the best quality results, including acceptable shelf-life for the final coated tablets. With our globally recognized color expertise and innovation in film coatings, Colorcon successfully utilizes several colorant options across a broad range of coating and dispersion applications.

Colorcon Expertise to Brings You:

  • Combinations of “natural” or non-synthetic colorants offering a multitude of new color options for dietary supplements. - Click here to view sample of what is available. (registered users only)
  • All pigments (non-synthetic and synthetic) supplied in Colorcon coating formulations have undergone stability testing in
    model formulations.
  • “On-tablet” stability results are used to qualify a new pigment for general use in Colorcon film coating formulations.
  • Access to Regulatory Support to guide your color choice.

Interested in a non-synthetic pigment option?

Please have a Colorcon technical representative contact me directly.