Aquacoat® ECD for Sustained Release and Aquacoat® CPD for Enteric Coating Applications

Aquacoat® ECD is an aqueous colloidal dispersion of ethylcellulose polymer. In sustained release applications, Aquacoat® ECD offers stable, reproducible, pH-independent release profiles. Its primary release mechanism is drug diffusion across a water-insoluble membrane.

Addition of plasticizer is required for use, and the type and level of addition based on the permeability and, in turn, the drug release profile required. Recommended levels are 20-25% of plasticizer content based on ethylcellulose solid content levels.


Aquacoat® CPD is an aqueous dispersion based on cellulose acetate phthalate.  Provides enteric coating protection for tablets and capsules. Plasticiser addition is required, at levels of approx. 24%.

  • Acceptable for pharmaceutical use in the U.S. and Europe
  • GRAS status for food in America


Aquacoat® is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.