Inert Matrix Tablets

First order drug release is the dominant extended release profile found in the pharmaceutical industry today (about 75% of all ER formulations). Several different technologies can be utilized to achieve first order drug release profiles, such as; hydrophilic or inert matrix systems and barrier membrane coated multiparticulate systems.

There has been recent interest in formulating extended release oral dosage forms using inert matrix systems, due to their ease of manufacturing and as an alternative to hydrophilic matrices. ETHOCEL™ Premium Ethylcellulose Polymers are commonly used in oral solid dosage forms. ETHOCEL FP (fine particle) grades were developed specifically for use as controlled release excipients for use in inert matrix formulations. The use of Surelease® Ethylcellulose Dispersion Type B NF as a release retardant binder for the manufacturing of inert matrices has also been reported.

Applications data, starting formulations (HyperStart®) and technical support are available from Colorcon to assist in your inert matrix formulation requirements.

ETHOCEL™ is a registered trademark of DuPont or its affiliates.