Our Products Help Your Products Look Better

The Food & Confectionery Division of Colorcon offers a wide variety of products to color, glaze, polish, coat and enhance the appearance of your products; everything you need to produce truly great confections and foods.

Food Colorants

Our best-in-class technologies are complemented by our value-added services, including technical service, global regulatory information and independent research support. With our expanding portfolio of advanced products and services, including product development team support, we are dedicated to assuring our customer's success from every point of view.

Colorcon offers this industry a vast range of colorants that meet the regulatory requirements of the market for the products you are developing.

Used in all types of applications, our products are made from approved colorants such as FD&C aluminum lakes, FD&C dyes and other natural products. To be compatible with your particular applications, our colorants are available in both liquid and dry systems.

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Confectionery Inks

When you want to place your logo or design on your edible product, Colorcon has an array of inks in many colors to fit your needs. Pad printing, rotogravure, ink-jet and other ink types are our specialty. Additionally, we have strong relationships with printing machinery suppliers and will partner with them to optimize your process and formulation.

If you are interested in printing on panned confections, chocolates, cookies, or other hard or porous surfaces, Colorcon has an ink that fits your specifications!

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Glazes & Polishes

For the shiniest, most attractive confections, our glazes are the best. Not only to they add gloss easily, but can impart other special effect ingredients for adding speckles, spots and other effects.

To prevent the migration of oils in chocolate, compound coatings and other fat-based applications, we have barriers that work well for panning and compliment our other Opaglos®, tablet core sealant product systems.

For jelly and gummy confections, try our oil-wax dispersions. Using food-grade oils and waxes, these formulations clean starch-molded confections and provide high-shine while alleviating stickiness.

Pearlicoat® Pearlescent Coating Systems

When elegance is your aim, we present Pearlicoat, pearlescent coating systems. Provided in different formulation types for your application, Pearlicoat increases the aesthetic value of your product without the addition of new equipment, in most cases. Complete coverage and speckled effects may also be achieved with Pearlicoat.

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