Harness The Power Of Color To Enhance Your Product

The Food & Confectionery Division of Colorcon offers a wide variety of products to color, glaze, polish, coat and enhance the appearance of your products; everything you need to produce truly great confections and foods.


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Opacolor® Liquid Coloring System


 Liquid Color Concentrate specifically developed for hard- and soft-shell panning. Formulas available with sugar, sugar -free and sugar free…

Opatint® Liquid Color Concentrate


Custom Color Dispersion suitable for all types of food & confectionery uses.  Dispersions available in oil, glycerin, water or sugar base…

Quickcolor® Dry Coloring System


Granulated color concentrate designed specifically to eliminate particle dusting. Color matching…

Pigment Blends


 Dry blended color-matched pigments that provide one-step application. Available with synthetic and naturally derived…

Confectionery Inks


Formulated for direct food printing, these edible inks are used to identify and/or personalize product. Available in variety of colors in water and solvent based…

Opaglos® Core Sealant Product


Liquid topcoat application used to enhance the final look of your confectionery product. Barrier Coatings also available in this…

Pearlicoat® Pearlescent Coating


Mica-based top-coat to provide a unique shimmer effect; available in 6…