Opadry® fx™ Special Effects Film Coating System

Opadry fx is an aqueous film coating system designed to impart a pearlescent and lustrous finish which will help to create a unique appearance on a solid dosage form, taking your product to a higher level of brand differentiation. The Opadry fx system can be used to create a nearly infinite number of shades and hues along with high levels of gloss. Opadry fx is an effective coating system that is easy to use, cleans with water, and is applied utilizing standard film coating equipment and techniques. Utilization of Opadry fx will create novel products with existing assets.

Create Brand Distinction

  • Pearlescent effects are evident at low application levels of the coating, and optimal pearlescence is established at a nominal cost per dosage
  • Valuable alternative when compared with achieving differentiation through high gloss techniques such as capsules or gelatin technologies
  • Provides an effective layer of added security against tablet counterfeiting

Recommended Use

  • Opadry fx has wide regulatory acceptance in both pharmaceutical and dietary/food applications. Formulations are specifically designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the user, regionally or globally.

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