Immediate Release Film Coating Systems for Tablets

Colorcon, the innovator and industry standard for one step, fully formulated film coating systems, offers a range of color-matched, custom pigmented or non-pigmented film coatings for immediate release solid dose applications. Our complete film coating systems produce elegant coatings on even the most challenging tablet cores and can be used in both aqueous and organic coating procedures.

An extensive selection of polymer blend formulations provide:

  • Stable colors with batch-to-batch consistency
  • Reduced coating process time
  • Barriers for moisture sensitive, acid-labile, or bitter tasting actives
  • Superior adhesion on difficult to coat cores
  • Less stressful processing for heat sensitive, friable or high drug content ingredients
  • Improved drug stability
  • Sharper logo definition, even at higher weight gains
  • Better gloss and smoothness compared to conventional film coatings

Aqueous film coating is the quickest and least expensive method to enhance your tablet appearance and, unlike other methods, will not affect dissolution or disintegration profiles. Our custom formulated, dry-blend systems contain polymers, plasticizers and pigments combined in easy-to-use dry powders which are rehydrated quickly and simply with water.

Colorcon also offers customized color selection and color matching of our immediate release tablet film coating products. The ingredients used are selected to meet the regulatory requirements of your application and target market.