Sureteric® Aqueous Enteric Coating System

Sureteric is a specially blended combination of Polyvinyl Acetate Phthalate (Phthalavin enteric coating polymer, PVAP), plasticizers and other ingredients in a completely optimized dry powder formulation. Designed as an alternative to acrylic polymer systems used in pharmaceutical applications for aqueous enteric coating of solid dosage forms, Sureteric provides consistent, reproducible enteric release profiles which ensures excellent product performance.

Key Benefits

  • Fully formulated system simplifies product development, technical transfer and scale-up
  • Resists gastric fluids as well as the rigors of handling, packaging and storage
  • A cost effective option that uses standard coating equipment
  • Easy to prepare, and clean up

Recommended Use

  • Extensive history of use in pharmaceutical applications with established regulatory acceptance.

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