Acryl-EZE® II Optimized Aqueous Acrylic Enteric System

Acryl-EZE® II is a high performance coating that offers reliable enteric protection at lower weight gains compared to earlier Acryl-EZE systems. The formulations are suitable for use on multiparticulates or tablets.

Improved Convenience for Enteric Coating

  • Fully formulated, one-step dry powder: no additional plasticizer needed
  • Ready to use in just 30 minutes: 20% w/w solids dispersed in water
  • Reduced sedimentation during processing of the coating dispersion
  • Ready-to-use, clear or color-matched coating for easier processing

A High Performance Aqueous Enteric Coating Solution

Tablet design service helping companies worldwide differentiate their products for improved patient safety and brand recognition.

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Unique, confidential service, providing our customers with starting formulations for the immediate and extended release of drug from solid oral dosages.

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