Enteric Release Coatings

Colorcon is a global supplier of fully-formulated systems for enteric coating applications. We offer a range of aqueous and organic options for the manufacture of enteric coated tablets or multiparticulates, combined with the expertise and infrastructure to support your every step of development – from initial technology development through final commercialization and product delivery. Our product formulas are based on polymers like PVAP and MAC (from Evonik) and are compatible with a broad range of active drug substances in several therapeutic categories including low and high dose drugs, water soluble or insoluble drugs and drugs with a short half-life or a narrow therapeutic window.

Use of our fully-formulated technologies can help you deliver a final product that saves you development, scale-up and production time while assuring the integrity of the enteric release coating to the efficacy of your finished dosage form.

Enteric Film Coatings:

  • Remain intact in the acidic environment of the stomach and then solubilize in the more alkaline environment of the small intestine
  • Help prevent gastric mucosal irritation
  • Protect a drug which is unstable in gastric fluids