METHOCEL™ Premium Cellulose Ethers (Low Viscosity)

METHOCEL™ Premium grades are well established for use in the pharmaceutical industry. There are two premium types, methylcellulose (MC) and hypromellose (HPMC), meeting USP, JP and Ph. Eur. standards.


Tablet Binder

  • METHOCEL™ E5LV and E15LV may be used as binders in the wet granulation of tablets at a level of 3-5% of finished tablet weight.
  • E15LV produces stronger granules compared to those made with E5LV, which means disintegration and dissolution times may be affected as harder tablets are produced.

Thickener and Suspending Agent

  • METHOCEL™ is useful in many cream, ointment, suspension formulations, including ophthalmic preparations as a viscosity modifier. E4M and K4M Premium grades are most frequently used.
  • E grades are used in systems requiring high clarity, and where ease of filtration is an important parameter.
  • METHOCEL™ Premium MC polymers (A chemistry designation) are used as suspending agents in liquid systems.

Tablet Sealing

  • METHOCEL™ is readily soluble in gastric juices and water, thus providing good bioavailability. Being insoluble in sucrose syrup, it is also useful for sealing tablet cores prior to sugar coating.

METHOCEL™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

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