Colorcon provides superior multifunctional starch-based excipients for solid dosage development. Manufactured exclusively for the global pharmaceutical market and backed by industry leading technical expertise, Starch 1500® partially pregelatinized maize starch and StarCap™ superior flow maize starch are excellent choices for use as a capsule filler.

Capsule Filling


  • Unique partially pregelatinized starch with an optimized particle morphology to facilitate excellent flow in your capsule dosage form
  • Inert free-flowing, low dust excipient
  • Disintegration and dissolution properties that are independent of media pH
  • Low capsule and tablet weight variation and ultimately lower overall costs

Starch 1500

  • Flow aid to improve uniformity of capsule fill
  • Binder to facilitate plug formation and reduces powder fallout when the plug is transferred
  • Lubricity means a lower force to eject material into the capsule shell (compared to other excipients) and leads to reduced wear on equipment

Multifunctional properties are important for powders used as capsule fillers. They must be free-flowing, non-adhesive and cohesive enough to form plugs at low compressive forces. (1) The flow properties of Starch 1500 and StarCap make them ideal for capsule filling applications. These multifunctional starch excipients provide excellent uniformity of weight and drug content which ultimately results in fewer capsules being rejected on the filling line. The use of these products also corresponds to a cleaner filling operation on high-speed production scale equipment.

(1) Dekker, Marcel (2002) Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology