In the development of a solid oral dosage form, the choice of the core pharmaceutical excipients is extremely important. Several aspects of the finished dosage form must be considered when selecting the right pharmaceutical excipient product: the nature of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) itself; the intended delivery method of the API (immediate or modified release) and the manufacturing process. For tablets specifically, the core must be able to withstand additional processing steps such as film coating and packaging. The pharmaceutical excipients selected for capsule filling on the other hand must be free flowing yet cohesive enough to form plugs at low compression forces.

Our versatile products provide important functionality as binder, diluent, disintegrant, and lubricant. Through our global Alliance with IFF, we also offer a portfolio of sustained and controlled release excipient products. Our product line includes Suglets® Sugar Spheres, used as starter substrate for drug layering, Starch 1500® Partially Pregelatinized Maize Starch for tablet and capsules, StarTab®, Directly Compressible Starch for tablets, METHOCEL™ Premium LV Cellulose Ethers as tablet binder and StarCap™ Superior Flow Maize Starch for capsules

Colorcon also has a worldwide network of technical service laboratories staffed with formulation experts and state-of-the-art processing and testing equipment to assist you with the development of your solid oral dosage form.

METHOCEL™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company