Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets

Hydrophilic matrix tablets are utilized in greater than 75% of the controlled release products on the market today and are applicable across a broad range of therapeutic categories. Matrix systems are popular because they are well understood and can be manufactured with conventional equipment and processes, and have broad regulatory acceptance. In addition, consistent control of drug release has been successfully demonstrated in marketed products containing high and low drug dose. Due to the array of polymers available for use in hydrophilic matrix tablets, drug release can be fine tuned for drugs of low, medium, or high solubility.


methocel lv methocel lv
methocel cr colorcon

First choice for the formulation of hydrophilic matrix systems, providing a robust mechanism for the extended/controlled release of drugs from oral solid dosage forms.


methocel dc2
methocel dc2 hourglass image 2793x2289

METHOCEL™ DC2 polymers enable manufacturers to replace costly wet granulation in matrix tablet production with cost effective dry granulation and direct compression techniques.