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Polymers for Controlled Release

Through our global Controlled Release Alliance with IFF, Colorcon offers an enhanced portfolio of polymers for controlled release drug delivery systems along with application expertise to meet customers’ formulation needs and help speed their products to market.


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Polymers for Controlled Release

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First choice for the formulation of hydrophilic matrix systems, providing a robust mechanism for the extended/controlled release of drugs from oral solid dosage forms.



Polymers for Controlled Release


ETHOCEL™ products are water-insoluble polymers approved for global pharmaceutical applications and used in extended release solid dosage formulations.

AFFINISOL™ Solubility Enhancing Polymers


Polymers for Controlled Release

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AFFINISOL™ polymers are uniquely tailored to address the solubilization requirement of poorly soluble APIs.


methocel dc2 methocel dc2

Polymers for Controlled Release

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METHOCEL™ DC2 polymers enable manufacturers to replace costly wet granulation in matrix tablet production with cost effective dry granulation and direct compression techniques.


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Polymers for Controlled Release

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POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Resins (NF grades) are non-ionic poly (ethylene oxide) polymers. They are hydrophilic polymers available in a wide range of molecular weights with a history of successful use in extended release applications, including osmotic pump technologies.

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