Meet Our People

At Colorcon® - We Value Diversity!

Typically, that means diversity in people. But here, we also appreciate and respect a diversity of possibilities around our professional roles, creative team-oriented solutions, projects and career paths. Along with diversity, we believe in empowerment. We encourage our employees to approach challenges in imaginative and proactive ways. See what we mean… Experience “A Day in the Life” of a Colorcon employee in a variety of roles:

A Day in the Life for a...

Product Development Scientist

As a Product Development Scientist you will be challenged to provide colleagues and customers alike with your expertise in a wide range of pharmaceutical areas. You may be involved in the development of various coating and/or solid dosage formulation excipients in support of Colorcon’s strategic goals. In developing customer focused solutions in areas such as tablet coatings, you can help increase our customers’ use of Colorcon products. You may also provide transitional support for scale-up of developmental products from lab to production scale through stability, as well as pursuing new ideas in the laboratory.

Production Operator

Individuals in Production roles can have a positive impact on Colorcon manufacturing processes – and therefore on their colleagues, the customers, and even the environment, thanks to lean manufacturing principles that minimize waste. Production Operators are responsible for manufacturing quality products efficiently, accurately, safely, and on time.  You will find Colorcon’s extensive training and development programs for Production to be of great value in helping meet the challenge of compliance with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and other regulatory standards. As an experienced Production Operator, you may also be responsible for training new employees in the areas in which you specialize.  Communication with others is a vital feature in this area, and your initiative in meeting challenges – and suggesting ways to do things better – can bring many rewards.

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager (BDM) develops and manages customer relationships for Colorcon. As a BDM, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our customers on new and existing project opportunities.  BDMs have the opportunity to drive Colorcon to “Keep Getting Better” by providing our customers with the most up-to-date information on Colorcon products, services and capabilities.  Our BDMs spend time visiting customers at their locations or hosting them onsite at Colorcon.  In this role you will also have the opportunity to address – and anticipate – new developments, challenges and opportunities almost every day. The one constant: a typical day always involves a friendly, cooperative environment along with the challenge of providing the best customer service in the industry.

Area Technical Manager

As an Area Technical Manager (ATM), you will provide technical assistance to our customers in the areas of solid dosage formulation, trouble shooting, small scale and commercial scale trial support.  The support of an ATM is timely as well as high quality – helping maintain Colorcon’s position as the world’s leader in coatings and excipients. You will play an important role in making sure that Colorcon’s strengths are made available to all customers at all times – for example, providing advice and supporting customers’ formulation and tablet design efforts. It’s an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of developments within the fast-changing pharmaceutical industry. You’ll also find yourself supporting sales functions, giving scientific presentations to promote Colorcon technologies. In some cases, you may play a role in helping get a new facility or department up and running; in other cases, you’ll have the chance to increase customer trust in Colorcon by “thinking outside the box” to develop creative yet practical solutions. You can have a positive impact on people (supporting the members of your team) while helping to grow the business.