Colorcon 2017 AAPS Posters Available Here

Application of Slippery Film Coating for Easy Swallowing of Solid Dosage Forms

Determination of Processing Window for Hot Melt Extrusion and Milling of Hypromellose Acetate Succinate by Assessing Thermal Degradation

Evaluating Continuous Coating Parameters and Their Effects on Appearance (Surface Roughness) Using a High Productivity Film Coating System

Investigation into a High Productivity Sugar Coating Formulation and Processing

Investigation of Ion Exchange Resin Concentration, Particle Size and Process Temperature for Dextromethorphan HBr Complexation

On-Demand Film Coating Dispersion Preparation

My Dosage Design Tool Predicts, Process Analytical Technology Confirms Film Thickness of Fully Formulated Aqueous and Organic Ethylcellulose Coating

Stability Evaluation of Ethylcellulose Dry Powder Coated Metoprolol Tartrate Extended Release Multiparticulates