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Nutritional Coatings


Colorcon understands the time pressures dietary and nutritional supplement manufacturers are under to get their product to market faster, which is why we have a network of facilities and technical experts offering customized services around the world.


We offer a range of specialized products and services, including custom color-matching and quick access to samples. In particular, our cost-effective immediate and enteric release film coating systems provide advantages that appeal to consumers. Film coatings can mask unpleasant tastes and odors , improve the ability to swallow large tablets, provide protection to fragile cores and improve the shelf life of moisture/oxygen sensitive tablets.


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Immediate Release


Enteric Release




Opadry® NS

Opadry® NutraPure™  



For companies looking for ways to make their product stand out from the competition, we offer BEST®, a unique tablet design service. This service helps manufacturers distinguish their product by designing one-of-a-kind solid oral dose products combining color, shape and size. The result is an image that perfectly complements your marketing initiatives.


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