Opadry® EC Ethylcellulose Organic Coating System


Opadry EC ethylcellulose organic coating is a controlled release film coating product, designed for solvent-coating of multiparticulates and tablets, for sustained release and taste-masking applications. It combines the proven performance of ethylcellulose with the coating and technical excellence of Colorcon.


Simplify Development and Modulate Drug Release

  • Modifying film porosity provides controlled release of low, medium and high solubility drugs
  • Stable film with high mechanical strength, suitable for moisture and/or heat sensitive drugs
  • Achieve desired release profiles at low coating levels.


Lower Manufacturing Time - Ensure Consistent Coating Quality Consistency

  • Colorcon quality ensuring the same product, every time
  • Eliminates concern of operator error in pore-former addition



  • Fully formulated system

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