ETHOCEL™ High Productivity (HP)


 ETHOCEL™ HP is an innovative new product from Dow Pharma and Food Solutions designed for dry powder coating process, using rotor technology.

Using ethylcellulose dry powder coating, rotor technology allows multiparticulates, powders, and mini-tablets to be coated without the need for solvents. Just enough moisture is required to allow adherence of the polymer to the substrate. The barrier membrane polymer is added as a dry powder that forms film around the substrate.

By using ETHOCEL™ HP for dry powder coating, your formulation can remain simple and robust, avoiding concerns around tackiness and stability often found with polymers that have a low glass transition temperature (Tg).

ETHOCEL™ HP can help you: 


  • Reduce coating time: 70% faster than traditional solvent and aqueous coating process


  • Consistently achieve 98 - 99% coating efficiency in lab scale trials

  • Avoid high solvent costs – including costs of disposal, capital expenditure, and infrastructure modifications

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