These low-VOC water-based inks are designed for use on wide web flexographic and rotogravure presses for printing onto porous and non-porous surfaces. They are suitable for any indirect food or pharmaceutical contact application such as printing on the outside of food wrapper and cartons, pharmaceutical cartons and blisters, pre-printed medical packaging, and silicone release liners. 

Flexicraft wide web inks are available in a full range of colors and single pigment bases. They can be handled just as you would handle any conventional water-based ink so no special operator training is required.

Water Based Wide Web/AT      Bio-Green Inks


These water-based inks are designed for narrow-web flexographic and gravure presses for printing surfaces with indirect contact to foods, pharmaceuticals or medical devices. They can be handled similarly to the water-based inks that you use on a daily basis. 
With our TF-series for paper and Tyvek (DuPont, USA) and our VT-series for foils and films, you can find a product suited for your application.

Typical uses for these inks would include pressure sensitive labels for packaging, tags, meat wraps and over wrapped food or drug package inserts.

Water Based VT      Water Based TF      Water Based Narrow Web/AT 

Bio-Green Inks