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Colorcon was delighted to be a participant at the 2016 Event.  


  The posters presented are available via the links below.



22M1230 - Effect of Surelease® Coating Conditions and Seal-coat on a Highly Soluble, Cationic Drug 
Gus LaBella, Zachary Jones



32M0100 - Utilization of a Moisture Barrier Film Coating to Enhance In-Use Tablet Stability 
Plinio Sandoval, David Ferrizzi, Jason Teckoe, Charles Cunningham and Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi



22T0130 - Examination of Coating Process Adaptability Using Opadry® QX in the GEA ConsiGma™ Coater 
Charles Cunningham, Andrew Birkmire, Sean Gillian



27W1230 - Investigation of Plasticizer Selection for Extended Release Multiparticulates Using Powder Layering with Novel High Productivity Grade of Ethylcellulose 
Raxit Y. Mehta, Nick Grasman, Jason Folkenroth, Shawn Engles, Charlies Cunnigham, Shahrzad Missaghi and Ali 



27W0100 - A Study of the Slipperiness of a Developmental Immediate Release Film Coating System (available to logged in users only) 
Jeffrey Gimbel, Daniel To, Jason Teckoe and Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi 



30W0100 - Seeing is Believing:  Innovative  Use of Raman Microscopy to Visualize the Integrity of a Barrier Membrane Coating for Taste-Masking of Acetaminophen Granules in Chewable Tablets 
Raxit Y. Mehta, Charles Cunningham, David Ferrizzi and Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi



22R1000 - Optimization of Extrusion Spheronization Process for Multiparticulates via Design of Experiments 
Gus LaBella